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Map of RHD2 spread & vaccine availability in the UK

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This map shows vets reported to be stocking an RHD2 vaccine.  Reports come from practices themselves, clients, or via social media.  It is intended to give you a starting point to find a vet who is likely to have the vaccine and is no guarantee of availability at any point in time, as stock levels will change regularly.  As of Jan 2018 we no longer use the 'on order' marker, as stock levels change regularly and there are plenty of places who now have the vaccine in stock. We therefore now use 'in stock' to indicate practices who routinely keep an RHD2 vaccine in stock, although there may be some periods of time when they are temporarily out of stock and awaiting the arrival of more.   

There is more than one RHD2 vaccine available - at the time of writing in Jan 2018, both filavac and eravac have UK licences. Please discuss the appropriate vaccine and vaccination protocol with your vet, as these may differ by practice and by individual risk factors. 

Pins are located in the general town area and are not necessarily correct to street level.  There may well be other vets who are stocking it, but if we haven't been told about them, we can't add them - so please do inform us if you are, or know of, a vet stocking the vaccine which needs adding to the map.

Before looking elsewhere, ideally, ask your own vet to stock it first - both filavac and eravac have uk licences so can now be ordered via usual suppliers without the need for additional import paperwork.   

Please scroll down to view the map. You should be able to zoom in to an area using the +/- at the top left of the map, using the mouse scroller or by double clicking on the map itself. Once zoomed in, you can click on each individual pin and the details will pop up.  

Please help us to keep the map up to date by reporting any additions or amendments via the 'contact us' button or the vaccine thread on our facebook page.  If any practice wishes their details to be added, amended or removed from this map, please contact admin via the contact us form on this website and we will process your request as soon as we can.  

This map is maintained by volunteers who have busy lives so please do bear with us as we work through your updates or feedback.  Thank you!


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In stock... and potentially available to non-clients
On order... and potentially available to non-clients