RHD2map UK
Map of RHD2 spread & vaccine availability in the UK

This website is to help map the availability of vaccines in the UK for RHD2 (RVHD2, Rabbit Haemmorhagic disease variant 2).  

Click the 'vets with vaccines' tab at the top to access the map of vets who are reported to have access to the RHD2 vaccine. The vaccine map is populated with all the data reported to us via social media plus reports found on veterinary practices own websites/social media pages and contact made via this website.  

Click the 'reported cases' tab to see reported confirmed and suspected cases of RHD2 from 2016 onwards.  Please do submit reports of confirmed (by laboratory report) or suspected cases so that we can plot them; we are completely reliant on your reports to give us the information for the map. Thank you.

For more information about RHD2, please visit the facebook group linked below and read the pinned post at the top of the group (you may need to 'view pinned post' if using a mobile device).  This post contains links to key pieces of information about RHD2. 

The map is not officially affiliated to any group or organisation but has been created and updated by volunteers who have busy lives doing other things, so please be patient with us and please do let us know (nicely) if you find anything that needs updating or have any feedback, thank you :)  

If you have found this map useful, please consider making a donation to the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF); it is the hard work of their veterinary advisor Dr Richard Saunders which has made this vaccine so readily available for us all.

Further information:
There is an associated Facebook Group and
A blog by the admin of that group.
Rachel Todd Rachel Todd
September 20, 2017 13:57

Vet reporting RVHD2 in Peterfield , GU31 area, Hampshire. Not confirmed by PM yet. But they are reporting a lot of deaths.
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Tiantian Chen Tiantian Chen
September 19, 2017 09:42

I used to have two mini lops, but I recently lost my beloved one. He is a two year old boy. He was always very healthy and active. However, recently, I found he liked staying in corner and became very picky at food. He did not eat hay first, and finally he only nibbled a small amount of vegetables. I took him to two local vets, but they did not identify a problem. He died suddenly on last Sunday. My two rabbits are indoor rabbits, but I took them to a boarding place last month in Oxfordshire as I had a business travel for one week. Both two rabbits were vaccinated every year, but I had no idea of RHD2 when they did vaccination. The other remaining rabbit seems normal, but I will take her to get RHD2 vaccination. Are there any side effects of RHD2 vaccine?
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Helen Halliday-Eppel Helen Halliday-Eppel
September 18, 2017 11:09

Still getting numerous requests to join where the applicant hasn't answered the questions. If you are reading this, have asked to join but haven't yet had your request approved, please ensure you answer the questions. If you requested to join more than 6 hours ago, you will need to reapply as any unanswered questions after this time will result in the application being declined thank you for your understanding
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Helen Halliday-Eppel Helen Halliday-Eppel
September 13, 2017 09:29

ADMIN APPROVING MEMBERSHIP REQUESTS Good morning everybody. Several weeks ago we introduced a new procedure for approving anyone requesting to join the group. Anybody can read the group posts but in order to post or comment, a person must ask to join. Because of the volume of new members who previously went on to post where they hadn't read the gentle rules, we admin had to take a lot of time to message members explaining why posts hadn't been approved. We decided to add two questions to the approval process. Anybody who asks to join will see the questions and just has to confirm they agree with both of the requests about reading the pinned post / page description (rules) and agree to check the map prior to posting about available vaccines or cases. So if you or a friend is wondering why they have not been added, it will be that the questions have not been answered. Please ask again, read and respond to the questions and we can then add you to the group. Thank you for your understanding ADMIN
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Eileen Walthall Eileen Walthall
September 14, 2017 10:28

Any reactions documented for filivac. Rushing to vets with Muff. Had hers Tuesday. Haven't got time to research and want to have some ideas before I get there
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