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Map of RHD2 spread & vaccine availability in the UK

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This map shows all RHD2 cases from 2016 onwards which have been reported to us.  By default, all cases are shown, but if you want to see only those cases from within the past twelve months, please untick the box next to the text 'show reports older than 1 year' and then click the 'show only selected' link.  This will deselect all pins that are over 12 months old.

Cases identified here are reported by third parties and are accurate to the best of our knowledge, but will inevitably only ever form an extremely incomplete picture. They are located in the nearest town or postcode area to that reported, so they give a general indication of location rather than an exact location.

Confirmed means that RHD2 was reported to have been confirmed by laboratory testing of tissue samples.  Suspected means that the circumstances surrounding the death of rabbit/s means that RHD2 is suspected, even if tissue testing is not carried out. 

With over 1million pet rabbits in the UK all of whom will sadly pass away at some point, to avoid overload of suspected cases, we will only plot suspected cases either where more than one rabbit has died unexpectedly within a short period of time, or where the circumstances of a single rabbit death mean that RHD2 is highly suspected (e.g. bleeding from orifices or veterinary opinion).  We will continue to plot every confirmed case regardless of the number of animals affected.  This may mean that we under report in some suspected cases, however we risk overloading the map if we report every unexpected rabbit death without any additional circumstantial evidence that RHD is suspected.  We hope that you understand this decision.



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