RHD2map UK
Map of RHD2 spread & vaccine availability in the UK

This website is to help map the availability of vaccines in the UK for RHD2 (RVHD2, Rabbit Haemmorhagic disease variant 2).  

Click the 'vets with vaccines' tab at the top to access the map of vets who are reported to have access to the RHD2 vaccine. The vaccine map is populated with all the data reported to us via social media plus reports found on veterinary practices own websites/social media pages and contact made via this website.  

Click the 'reported cases' tab to see reported confirmed and suspected cases of RHD2 from 2016 onwards.  Please do submit reports of confirmed (by laboratory report) or suspected cases so that we can plot them; we are completely reliant on your reports to give us the information for the map. Thank you.

For more information about RHD2, please visit the facebook group linked below and read the pinned post at the top of the group (you may need to 'view pinned post' if using a mobile device).  This post contains links to key pieces of information about RHD2. 

The map is not officially affiliated to any group or organisation but has been created and updated by volunteers who have busy lives doing other things, so please be patient with us and please do let us know (nicely) if you find anything that needs updating or have any feedback, thank you :)  

If you have found this map useful, please consider making a donation to the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF); it is the hard work of their veterinary advisor Dr Richard Saunders which has made this vaccine so readily available for us all.

Further information:
There is an associated Facebook Group and
A blog by the admin of that group.
Sorelle Campbell Sorelle Campbell
March 11, 2018 18:35

Some questions from across the pond where we're fighting our first RHDV-2 outbreak... 1) Generally speaking is the vaccine still in short supply in the UK or is it now easy to get on-demand? Is anybody still having to wait? 2) What are the most favourable weather conditions to inhibit the spread? Mosquitos and flies aren't yet a factor, it's late winter, but will wet weather help control it? What about temperatures? Thank you.
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Raya Mac Raya Mac
March 14, 2018 07:42

Please delete if posted already. X
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Alison Anderson Alison Anderson
June 29, 2016 17:27

Please use this thread to report any confirmed or suspected cases of RHD/RHD2 and I will add other reported cases to this thread so that we can keep everything in one place once I've added them to the map. For the purposes of this list - confirmed means that a sample has been sent to the lab and the lab has said 'yes, this is RHD/RHD2'. Anything else is suspected - although obviously there will be variability in the level of certainty we may have around these cases, depending on the context. Please give as much information as you are able, including approximate location (nearest town), number of rabbits affected, reason for suspecting RHD. Thank you.
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Alison Anderson Alison Anderson
January 26, 2018 19:56

*Admin note* Hi everyone, some of you may have noticed that I have made some amendments to the 'vets with vaccines' map. When we first started the map, there were not many vets who stocked an RHD2 vaccine and demand exceeded supply, meaning that many vets rapidly used all their stock and had lengthy waits for more. Now the situation is different. Many more practices stock an RHD2 vaccine, we have two UK licenced vaccines available (eravac and filavac) and stock levels will naturally vary over time. It is very time consuming to maintain the stock status of all 1000+ practices and indeed pretty impossible to keep it up to date. For this reason, we have decided to dispense with the 'on order' status and simply stick with 'in stock' and 'aware'. From now on, 'in stock' means that a practice routinely stocks an RHD2 vaccine, although there may be periods of time when they are temporarily out of stock due to issues in the supply chain. 'Aware' means that a practice has shown some awareness of the issue and is potentially willing to order stock when requested. We have also sadly been made aware that some practices who ordered stock when it was first available in the UK have decided no longer to do so. Please could I ask everyone to take a quick look at the map and let me know if you know of any vets practices (name and postcode) who stock an RHD2 vaccine but who aren't on the map (please ONLY let me know of ones who aren't already on there - I waste an awful lot of time inputting details as reported only to discover it's already there), and similarly if you know of any who are no longer doing so, please let me know so I can remove them. The map is only as useful as the information it holds for the benefit of anyone who is looking for the vaccine, and for that accuracy I am entirely reliant on you! On behalf of all the bunnies who have been vaccinated as a result, thank you for your continued assistance :)
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Alison Anderson Alison Anderson
March 13, 2018 09:31

In a slightly shameless abuse of admin privileges, there are two things I'd like to share... First, I'm sure some of you have seen the video doing the rounds of the rabbit jumping on his owners' bed and waking them up? That's Jeremy, the little lad I was fostering, who survived RHD2. Just goes to show they can sometimes pull through, and he's clearly doing extremely well for himself now! If you go to the 'videos' section of the group, you can see a video of him when he was sick - looks a bit different now, eh? https://www.facebook.com/groups/2212409138/permalink/10155642297284139/ Second, while we talk a lot on this group about the RHD2 vaccines, I just wanted to stress that the nobivac myxo/RHD1 vaccine is still necessary. I've heard of cases of myxomatosis recently, so please make sure that your bunnies are up to date with both vaccines.
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